Nail Nerd

kianstyles asked: Do you have any good ways of getting your nail polish to stay on longer?

Letting each coat dry is a great start (if you rush it too much, the bottom coat may not have time to set fully, and is then more prone to pull up/flake away) but a good topcoat and wrapping your tips is a must.  Seche Vite is my favorite; rock hard in a couple of minutes, great shine, and wears really well.  Be sure to apply an extra bit to the tip of your nail so it’s protecting you against wear (and re-apply if you notice it’s starting to wear down).

colamonroe asked: I'm running low on my base coat and I'm not crazy about it, so I was wondering if you can recommend a good nail base coat. I've been using the one from Sinful Colors. I don't have any huge nail problems I'm looking for a base coat to correct, just to help my nail polish apply smoothly and last longer. Thank you!

You bet!  China Glaze has a good basecoat-topcoat combo that I’ve ended up really liking (of course Seche Vite is like my standard go-to for the topcoat, hence all the crazy shiny pictures, but it’s good to have a pinch-hitter in the mix).  MASH ( also has a basecoat ridgefiller that’s awesome; especially helpful if you’ve had a piece of glitter destroy some part of your nail, or need an ultra-smooth nail surface for a metallic polish that will show every flaw.

sonorisissilly asked: I've been messing around with taping a little bit lately but I can never seem to get the edges to look good. They always look kind of rough, while yours are very smooth... I use masking tape. Is it better to remove the tape before or after the polish dries? Any other tips?

Yeah, taping can get messy, and stuff like the polish you use can really influence how well it works… I’d stick with the masking tape (that’s what I use) — just tap it on your skin once first so the oils on your skin bond to the glue and then help the tape not stick to your base polish color; after that, don’t be afraid to really roll that edge onto your nail so there aren’t any gaps or seep-y edges.  Then wait maybe 30 seconds to take the tape off; you don’t want to do it right away if your polish is really thin or tends to bleed, but if you wait til it’s totally dry then the bits that ARE on the tape are going to want to pull up the rest of it too, which is where you get that ripped-edge nonsense.